Seminars in the Sun 2016

Seminars in the Sun 2016


Denture Par Excellence

Presented by Dr. Joseph Massad, Prosthodontist

Appreciate the latest in denture construction from patient examination to delivery, achieved with complete patient acceptance.

  • Understand a new examination protocol
  • Implement accurate prosthetic impressions in a single appointment
  • Make accurate jaw recordings on the edentulous and dentate patient without manual manipulation
  • Distinguish methods for overdentures and immediate prosthesis placement


Enhancing Removable Prosthetic Outcome

Presented by Tom Zaleske, CDT

Enjoy product reviews on GC materials designed to enrich your prosthetics results. The offering includes:

  • GC Naturecryl denture base acrylic product review and their curing options
  • GC Gradia Opaquing product review and their uses
  • GC Gradia Gum product review and their denture base characterization application
  • GC Optiglaze colour products review and chairside and laboratory uses for acrylic tooth characterization


The Practical Side of Infection Control

Presented by Dean Swift

A comprehensive, yet fun exploration of the key elements of Infection Control. The basics will be covered in respect to government regulations while looking at trends with application to your clinic and home. Hands-on microbiology will be a fun part of the experience. It will surprise and intrigue participants.


Digital Dentures

Presented by Dr. Eric Caron, Prosthodontist

Computer aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) has completely changed the dental world. Usually associated with fixed prosthesis, some of these processes have now transpired in removable prosthesis. With the mastery of this new digital avenue, the complete respect of the nominal values of these prostheses is now possible, providing optimal clinical results of removable partial or full dentures.